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Please find links below to the 2020 nomination package information, including:

All nominations are to be submitted using an online Nomination Form. This provides the membership with accessible candidate information online for review during the election period. NOTE: We do not have the capability to allow you to save your work online and return to it later.  Please prepare nominations in advance using the attached Nomination Preparation Form. Reference Letters of Support and the Nominee’s CV may be submitted as attachments to the online form.

Nomination Preparation:

    1. Step 1: It is best if you use the NOMINATION PREPARATION FORM (Word Doc) to prepare a nomination, as the online form does not allow you to save your work and return to it later. Note  the word count limitations.
    2. Step 2: After preparing your nomination, fill out the online form at: online Nomination Form.

    3. Please note the following for nomination preparation:

          A CASE Member may serve as a Nominator for only one nomination and as a Reference (Member Reference or External Reference) for only one nomination. The following pertains to the references to be provided in support of each nomination:

            • Member Reference (required): For each nomination, an Academy Member has to be named as the member reference. A letter of support (400-word limit) from the member reference is optional.
            • External Reference (optional, but preferred):  A nomination may include an external reference. This reference is an individual external to the nominee’s organization/company. The external reference may be, but does not need to be, an Academy member. If an external reference is provided, a letter of support (400 -word limit) from the external reference is required. On the nomination form the information about the external reference's background/stature is requested as context for the required letter of support. 

          -- The Membership Committee makes decisions to name a nominee to the election ballot based on a review of the detailed nomination.

          -- Members may scan the information provided on the “Candidate Summary” (includes name, title, organization, education, and Citation) to determine how they will vote on each candidate, as compared to reviewing a candidate’s complete nomination.

          -- CITATION: It is most important that the CITATION for each nominee be concise and make the case for why a candidate should be elected – identify high impact and specific contributions of the nominee. CITATIONS are limited to 50 words. (See Sample Citations attached for examples)

          -- Make nominations clear and understandable for those not familiar with the nominee’s field of expertise.

          The Nomination Period is October 8 - November 18, 2019.  All nominations will be reviewed by the Academy’s Membership Committee. As determined by the CASE Governing Council this year, based on the 2015 Bylaw amendment,  the Membership Committee will select no more than 24 candidates to be named to the Election Ballot. The Membership Election will be held electronically from January 20 – February  19.

          Please let me know if you have any questions about the nomination process or information required.

          Best Regards,

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